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I’ve published six contemporary novels (two under a pseudonym). Born in Liverpool, I spent my formative years in Wales, studied in Manchester and after a decade in London I now live in Brighton with my musician husband and ginger sons. My accent confuses the hell out of most people. My contemporary novels are: Crossing the Line, Skin Deep; Redemption Song and The Family Line. My work is diverse, but what do all my books have in common? Emotional, compelling stories, fascinating characters, and ideas that make you think a little. At least I hope so! You can read more about them on the novels page.

Thank you for dropping by. Do take a look round or follow my adventures via my (intermittent) blog.


12 thoughts on “Home

    • Laura I am not a member as I don’t write Romance – I write Crime/Mystery and a few other genres now and again. I have written a short story for Accent which was sort of adventure and romance in that sort of meaning, but no I am not a member. I know some of my friends are and seem happy but one who has been a member for I think somewhere like 30 years – well ages any way – has left of late – not happy at all. Perhaps you might ask some of the others who will be able to help you decide. Sorry if this means we cannot continue to chat! I thought you knew. 🙂

      • Oh, Jane, I like to get to know authors full stop. Genre doesn’t come into it for me at all. I read across lots of genres and I love crime! Sorry to make that error. Perhaps, I’ve confused your book covers with someone else’s – apologies! I’ll PM you on FB. XXX

  1. I am wondering if I need to join the RNA, I was invited once, but turned it down as it didn’t apply then. I almost forgot that Christina Jones and I have written a book together which I guess you would call romance and she is a member. Perhaps you can ask her…I might also ask her when the time comes. Have you made a decision?

  2. Write across diverse themes and genres. Two action mystery novels have received good reviews. An e-Book has achieved most popular read on promotekdbook,com. This was encouraging when you’re struggling to even get noticed in the UK! Latest novel, in progress, initially begins in a rural setting, which is then infiltrated by Mafia.

    Recent novelist, in that first novel was published in 2014. Admire online profile for Laura.

    Poetry composition, where poems have been chosen for anthologies has led to two poetry anthologies. The second – profile photo – Mists of Time – also has short stories in Part two. Three chapters from previous novels have been included.

    Caught up with draft manuscript for latest novel. Intention is to return to action mystery, which will be third in the series.

  3. Pam Tyler says:

    Hello Laura. Sorry I missed the last Creative Futures workshop; I hope you got my message. Just wanted to thank you, I found the workshops very helpful.
    I’ve been reading your books and enjoying them very much.
    Pam x

    • Hi Pam, no problem at all. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the sessions (and that you’ve enjoyed some of my work – so kind of you to read!). Would you like the PowerPoint presentation I handed out at the last session on self-editing? You can email me and I’ll ping it over.
      All best,
      Laura x

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