Hi and welcome to my website.

Photo: David Green of Shoot Me Now UK

After many years writing non-fiction now I write contemporary novels for adults, alongside a part-time role as an editor and mentor. I occasionally knock out a short story too. I spent my formative years in Wales and continue to take inspiration from the beautiful landscape of Snowdonia as well as Brighton and the south coast, where I live currently with my musician husband and ginger sons.

I’m the author of four novels: Crossing the Line, Skin Deep; Redemption Song and The Family Line.

51Zl3YkMXrLMy work is diverse, but what do all my books have in common? Emotional, compelling stories, fascinating characters, and ideas that make you think a little. At least I hope so! You can read more about them on the novels page.

Thank you for dropping by. Do take a look round or follow my adventures via my (intermittent) blog. And see you soon.



7 thoughts on “Home

    • Laura I am not a member as I don’t write Romance – I write Crime/Mystery and a few other genres now and again. I have written a short story for Accent which was sort of adventure and romance in that sort of meaning, but no I am not a member. I know some of my friends are and seem happy but one who has been a member for I think somewhere like 30 years – well ages any way – has left of late – not happy at all. Perhaps you might ask some of the others who will be able to help you decide. Sorry if this means we cannot continue to chat! I thought you knew. 🙂

      • Oh, Jane, I like to get to know authors full stop. Genre doesn’t come into it for me at all. I read across lots of genres and I love crime! Sorry to make that error. Perhaps, I’ve confused your book covers with someone else’s – apologies! I’ll PM you on FB. XXX

  1. I am wondering if I need to join the RNA, I was invited once, but turned it down as it didn’t apply then. I almost forgot that Christina Jones and I have written a book together which I guess you would call romance and she is a member. Perhaps you can ask her…I might also ask her when the time comes. Have you made a decision?

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