Writing my way back to Manchester

Phew. This morning I sent the copy edit of BloodMining back to my editor Gill, and so I returned to novel #2 and Manchester in the mid-80s. Feels like I’ve been away a long time and it was interesting to discover what my characters had been up to.

After some thought-provoking, and fabulously encouraging, feedback from Jenn Ashworth at the Writing Smithy (I won a mini-appraisal from NAWE), ideas have been milling around in my head; ideas which, I hope, will improve the book, but my protagonist did something most unexpected, and rather alarming. Not sure whether or not to trust her. Has she been possessed by some demon while I’ve been away, or have I lost my grip on her? Perhaps I’ve forgotten who she is. All very scary. But that’s the deal with writing. Scary, exhilarating (when it’s going well), excruciating (when it’s not). Ho-hum.


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