Covers, proofs and learning

So, apart from a brief, over-excited flurry (see below) about a short story, I’ve been away from this blog for almost a month. Holidays aside, this is because I’ve been deep in draft three of novel #2, to-ing and fro-ing about the cover of BloodMining, and over the past few days studying the page proofs. Blimey, it feels like a real book. Cue knee-trembling, sick feeling in belly.

The cover was finalised before I went away, but thanks (not) to a glitch on this site I cannot show you because this blasted thing won’t allow me to upload any images. Lovely techie mates, like Elizabeth Donnelly and Diane Laidlaw, have offered help but, so far, to no avail. You must imagine me gnashing my teeth and stomping my feet now. Anyway, I’m really happy with the cover and, an added bonus, the fantastic Yvonne Roberts (currently at the Observer, award-winning journalist and author) read the novel and offered a great quote for the back cover. When her email came through I thought I might throw up – it felt like the first review – but, to my delight, she clearly enjoyed it. Phew.

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