What a homecoming

Returned from a delightful holiday in Croatia with a bunch of mates, many of whom are still out there – lucky beggars – to a letter from Scribble magazine saying that readers ranked my story New Life number one in the spring edition. In the postbag of the summer edition are readers’ letters and I’m overwhelmed and touched by the comments. To have such positive endorsement from readers is one of the best feelings in the world. So, a big huge thank you to Scribble readers and subscribers. I’m so glad that you enjoyed my work.

New Life is also available for download from Ether Books if you’d like to read it. Here’s a small selection of Scribble readers’ feedback. Go on, humour me, read some…

‘…beautiful and touching writing: a hard edged story with a soft centre and a clear declaration of faith in the human spirit.’ John Dorrell

‘New Life is poignant yet never maudlin, indicating that even in a situation most would find intolerable, there is hope for something better.’ Tom Greenwood

‘New Life was the most ambitious and the most successful story in the issue. The bitterness and pathos of physical handicap create traps of cynicism or sentimentality, all of which Laura Wilkinson’s light touch adroitly sidestepped.’ Geoff Roberts

‘… a riveting story; the dialogue was “in your face” and this reader will never quite forget the characters.’ Jackie Smith

‘The writing was first class and the characters have stayed with me weeks down the line.’ Lorraine Jennings


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