Busy, busy, busy

It’s been a hectic few months, with promotion taking up most of my time as opposed to writing. But it has been worth it. The response to my debut, BloodMining, has been fantastic. Better than I ever dreamed for, so thanks to all for your warmth and support. I appreciate it.

Taking part in a blog tour, and doing interviews and readings and the like, has not only been hard work and fun but revealing. It’s been an opportunity to step back and analyse my writing practices, what motivates and inspires me, how I work and whether or not this is the best method for me right now. I’m on a journey and learning all the time.

Also, I’ve started submitting novel #2 (I will tell you the name soon, promise) to agents *sharp intake of breath* It’s tough out there at the moment, but when hasn’t it been? And if you don’t submit you’ll never get representation. I have written to six agencies, after doing my research as any sensible writer does, and I’ll keep you posted. The novel has already received some positive endorsement – a finalist in Brit Writers’ Award, highly commended in the Winchester Competition, so I hope it’s a case of finding the right match. Fingers crossed.

As well as interacting with my virtual writerly friends on Twitter and Facebook, I have been getting out and meeting other writers face to face too. Gabrielle Kimm’s second novel launch in Chichester (I heartily recommend The Courtesan’s Lover. Read my review here) and at a fantastic New Writing South event at the Jubilee Library last week. There was a brilliant array of speakers, including writer Emlyn Rees, Myriad Editions’ Vicky Blunden, ShortFire Press’ Clare Hey and marketing director of Faber and Faber Jo Ellis. Discussions ranged from funding opportunities for writers to the Digital Arena and help for writers to navigate the platforms available to them and their work. There is so much talk about about the future of publishing, and it can sound rather frightening and gloomy, but Saturday’s event was full of optimism, and was invigorating as well as inspiring. Thank you NWS.

And talking of getting out and about I’m off to the NWS Christmas shindig later this week. So for those of you I don’t see: all the best for a happy, healthy and creative holiday period.


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