Favourite Books of 2012

Favourite books of 2012

So as we approach the year’s end I’m pondering my favourite reads of the past twelve months. I’ve read over forty books: the bulk of them novels; some short story collections; a few memoirs and a handful of non-fiction – research for works-in-progress. And this total discounts the manuscripts I’ve read and commented on in my role as editor for literary consultancy, Cornerstones; a couple of which have been very good indeed – I do hope they find a publisher.

It’s especially difficult to choose my favourite half dozen amongst what has been a wonderful, and diverse, crop, and, unusually for me, I’m including a couple of short story collections. My preferred form is the novel – I like the total immersion – but these two blew me away:

Carys Bray’s Sweet Home (Salt) and Unthology No.3 (Unthank)




Of the novels, those that have stuck with me longest are:

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

Jubilee – Shelley Harris

Rook – Jane Rusbridge

My Policeman – Bethan Roberts

Many of these I have reviewed and/or rated on Amazon, Waterstones, Good Reads and here on this site so do check out the links if you’ve not already read them. Books by the big guns (like Moyes) I tend not to review, preferring instead to spend what limited time I have promoting/supporting those whose need is perhaps greater.

As 2013 approaches I’ve started Kevin Powers The Yellow Birds; I received the hardback for Christmas (thanks, sis), and have also dipped into Ashley Stokes The Syllabus of Errors. Looking forward to completing both and attacking the ginormously large pile teetering on my bedside table. This includes The Song of Achilles, The Welsh Girl, The Night Circus, The Locust and the Bird, Bel Canto (see, they don’t all start with ‘The’) and The Road Home.


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