Rattling good tales

Rattle Poster Fringe 2013 newLast Thursday, on a cold and blustery evening I ventured into Hove to attend an interactive story-telling event, Rattle Tales, established and run by a group of Brighton-based writers, including my fellow Beach Hut Writer, Erinna Mettler. The room at the back of the Brunswick was inviting on many levels, not least for the warmth it offered – it was tropical in there by the end of the evening. Laid out cabaret lounge style, with low lighting and a stage, it was a perfect, intimate environment for an evening of pictures and words.

The gig was rammed, though this is not the first time a Rattle Tales night has sold out. It’s easy to see why. Unlike many other spoken word events where the audience sit quietly, and passively, while authors and poets read their work, at Rattle Tales audience members are given the opportunity to question the story-teller about their inspiration, characters and motivation, attracting attention with a swing on the rattle positioned on every table. It’s dynamic and exciting, and the rattles are tiny, but loud. I’m not sure why, but I’d anticipated full size football supporter rattles, but these are an altogether more delicate affair. And so cute!


A gripped audience

A gripped audience

Hosted by Jo Warburton the evening got off to a cracking start with a piece of flash fiction by Ether Books stalwart Shirley Golden. There were tales of pirates, a tailed girl, collectors of co-incidence, zombie babies and a former miner reflecting on the death of an old woman (Thatcher). They were, variously, funny, moving and thought-provoking. And all were very entertaining.

Images inspired by the tales and taken by local photographers were projected onto a screen as the story-tellers read and this added another dimension to an altogether fascinating evening. Rattling good reads all. For more information about Rattle Tales and the work they do (including creative writing workshops) click here. Rattle Tales Anthologies 1 & 2 are available in paperback and e-book here. Writers who read work (and whose websites and blogs I could find) are listed here. Click on their names for more information: Paul McVeigh, Amanda Welby-Everard, Mike Liardet, Alice Cuninghame, Cahir McDaid, and Craig Melvin.

The photographers can be contacted through Brighton & Hove Camera Club here. They are Chantal Lonsdale, Vicky Lamburn, Chris Wright, Jean Gerrard, Phil Robinson, Andre Jolley, Aileen Beddinson and Rob Mettler.

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