8 Heroines for 8 March – International Women’s Day

To mark IWD here’s a list of eight fabulous women throughout history who evoke fascination and admiration in me. I could go on, but we’re all busy. Happy International Women’s Day – whatever your gender.

come fly with me

come fly with me

Boudica – Iceni  warrior queen, she gave the Romans a run for their money and stuck two fingers up at Nero.

Elizabeth I – ‘Though I have the body of a weak and female woman… ’ Hahaha. Say no more.

Emmeline Pankhurst – the vote, ladies?

Marie Stopes – birth control pioneer and revolutionary she liberated women from the tyranny of unplanned pregnancies.

Violette Szarbo - courage under fire

Violette Szarbo – courage under fire

Amelia Earhart – first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic solo. Bold and stylish her mysterious disappearance only adds to her allure.

Violette Szarbo – SOE agent during WWII, she went into occupied France not once, but twice. Eventually captured by the Gestapo, she was tortured and shot, without divulging any information.

Barbara Castle – forget Mrs Thatcher, Babs, the Blackburn Baroness, was the original Iron Lady.

Helena Kennedy QC – has spent her professional life giving voice to those with least power, championing civil liberties and promoting human rights.

Barbara Castle - solid as

Barbara Castle – solid as

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