A painless birth – yes, really.

public battles draftMy miners’ strike novel, Public Battles, Private Wars was birthed yesterday. It came out as an e-book.

It was, without a doubt, the most painless birth yet. So much so, I wasn’t even aware it was happening. On Monday afternoon, I received an email from my lovely publishers, Accent Press, informing me that in the morning the novel would be live and available to purchase for Kindle.

God, it was exciting; I wasn’t expecting anything to happen until 27 March. This remains the scheduled date for the paperback release, but in the meantime you can get your hands on copy of the e-book for under £2. Whoop-whoop. I had some virtual champagne on Monday evening and will be glugging some of the real stuff on the 27th.

Here’s a quote and the blurb:

‘Vivid and engaging. A touching, well-written novel’       Welsh Books Council Reader Report

What lines would you cross for the ones you love?

Yorkshire 1983.

Miner’s wife Mandy is stuck in a rut. At twenty-three, and trapped by domesticity, her future looks set and she wants more from life.  Husband Rob is a good-looking drinker, content to spend his days in the small town where they’ve always lived – where Mandy can’t do anything other than bake cakes and raise her children.

When Mandy’s childhood friend – beautiful, clever Ruth – and Ruth’s Falklands war hero husband, Dan, return to town, their homecoming is shrouded in mystery. Like in their schooldays, Mandy looks to Ruth for inspiration – but Ruth isn’t all she appears.

As conflict with the Coal Board turns into war, the men come out on strike. The community and its whole way of life is threatened. Mandy abandons her dreams of liberation from the kitchen sink and joins a support group. As the strike rumbles on, relationships are pushed to the brink, and Mandy finds out just who she is – and who her true friends are.

To buy click here.




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