Post Punk and beyond: 1980s, the decade style forgot?

The 1980s … close your eyes and what do you see, hear, smell, feel?

Here’s my 80s smorgasbord. Many appear in my novel Public Battles, Private Wars.

MadonnaPeople: Madonna, Princess Diana, Mrs Thatcher, Paula Yates, Debbie Harry, Reagan, Arthur Scargill, Bruce Kent, Tony Benn, Michael Foot, miners, steelworkers…

Fashion: pixie boots, frilly white shirts, huge shoulder pads, terrible perms, flicked fringes, men in make-up…

Sounds: Heaven 17, Human League, Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, The The, Yazoo, The Specials, The Pretenders, Blondie, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, B52s…

Places: Manchester, Corfu, Grantham, Yorkshire, Wales, Docklands, Dallas…

Smell and taste: Quiche Lorraine, Dubonnet, Grolsch, snakebites, Vol au Vents, Lasagne, Chilli, Prawn Cocktail, Arctic Roll, Pot Noodle, Findus crispy pancakes, Perrier, Revlon Charlie Red, Calvin Klein’s Obsession, Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium, Brut…

Film & Telly: Dance with a Stranger, Dallas, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Trading Places, The Breakfast Club, The Tube, The Color of Money, Cagney and Lacey, The Love Boat, Tiswas, Worzel Gummidge, Grange Hill, Boys from the Blackstuff, Bread…

The author in 1984 - tanned and grumpy

The author in 1984 – tanned and grumpy

Here’s a picture of me in 1985, looking tanned (it was taken in Greece) and grumpy. Please feel free to share yours, and if you like Pinterest, I’ve an 80s board there too. Happy memories!


12 thoughts on “Post Punk and beyond: 1980s, the decade style forgot?

  1. Julie-Ann says:

    Don’t know if I dare post a photo of me, then. Black hair, a lot of black eyeliner, and yes, always grumpy. Was the fashion,was it not?! You look lovely, Laura; hardly changed at all. x

  2. Julie-Ann says:

    Take a 100 copies to Hyde Park in the summer and distribute them, with a note inside asking for a review in payment. Just a thought ….

  3. Julie-Ann says:

    I understand completely. But from what I know, it was before Quercus was really successful. Will tell you the story that was told to me, when we meet up. Good luck, yours will sell without giving them away, I am certain. x

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