Budget food 80s style, Part 6: Creamed Liver

IMG_1142On the eve of official publication day, here’s a recipe that Mandy would approve of. I remember my grandmother serving liver regularly. Offal is dirt cheap and I’m told by my fella and sons that this is extremely tasty. Personally, I’d rather eat my own tongue, but hey-ho, we’re all different. I’m including a photograph of the book, because it’s lovely to have one to hold and sniff. Forget the smell of cooking, there’s nothing to beat freshly printed pages!

You will need:

250g/8oz calves’ or lambs’ liver

2 level tablespoons flour

Salt and pepper

300ml/ ½ pint milk

25g/1oz butter

2-3 tablespoons double cream

To prepare:

Cut liver into small pieces

Roll in flour seasoned with salt and pepper

Fry gently in hot butter until cooked through and golden brown. Stir in remaining flour

Gradually blend in milk. Cook slowly, stirring, until mixture thickens. Simmer for 5 minutes

Stir in cream

Serves 4


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