It never goes away…

blog 80s 004I’m not talking about that ‘Oh, my, God, I can no longer do this, I’ve forgotten how. I am a fraud,’ type feeling. The feeling I’m talking about is the sense of elation (and in my case disbelief) when you make a short list, or a story, or a new novel is accepted for publication. No matter how long you’ve been in the game and how much you’ve had published, it never, ever, goes away.

How wonderful.

I’ve been writing fiction since 2007 and my first story was accepted for publication in 2008; I was lucky. But last week I found out I’d made the short list of a national short story competition and I am beyond thrilled. Especially because I don’t see myself as a particularly good short story writer; I think my strength is in longer pieces. I can’t say which story or competition it is just yet because judging is anonymous – as all worthwhile competitions are – but all will be revealed soon. I just wanted to go: YEE-HA! And say: Thank you.


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