When My Baby Shot Me Down met Mary Wollstonecraft and the Fourth Wave Feminists

Excellent piece from My Baby Shot Me Down anthology editor, Ruth Giles. Her intellect is one of the many reasons I’m so thrilled to have work in this book.

My Baby Shot Me Down

Mary Wollstonecraft

This week, the Blinding Books team took along a suitcase full of ‘Babies’ to Stoke Newington Literary Festival, to the event Feminism 4.0 – why are we still fighting sexism?  Laura Bates, author of Everyday Sexism, and Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett of Vagenda Magazine were interviewed in what could be described as the birthplace of Western Feminism – the Unitarian Chapel in Newington Green.  The church was a hotbed of radicalism in the eighteenth century and it’s where Mary Wollstonecraft experienced her political awakening.

The chapel is still pretty quirky, as the current minister, an atheist, was keen to point out.  He gave us a warm welcome and proudly drew our attention to the very seat where Mary sat to listen to Richard Price’s sermons – pew number 19.

It is more than two hundred years since Mary Wollstonecraft’s pamphlet A Vindication of the Rights of…

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