Rollercoaster Day

Wow, yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster. The day began with an interview at Rosemary Allix’s Book Corner for Coastway Radio. I was there to talk about Public Battles, Private Wars and promote the free for Kindle offer that runs till the end of July. Rosemary is a talented host and an author herself, and an all-round delightful woman. Find out more about her here.

The hour long chat went by in a flash and we both agreed there was so much more we could have discussed about the book’s major themes: women’s changing roles since the 1980s, complex female relationships, thwarted love and betrayal. It was great to hear how much Rosemary is enjoying the novel and the characters. Warms the cockles and all that, but when I talk about that time and the inspiration behind the novel it dredges up all sorts of memories for me – not all of them happy. You can listen to the interview here:

From the radio station, I bombed home to check emails, talk to a couple of libraries about potential author events and then off to Ginger2’s school for his Year 6 graduation ceremony, a bundle of tissues clutched in my (sweaty) palm – it was 28 degrees here in Brighton (gulp). He is only ten, but off to secondary – yes, secondary – school in September. End of era for him, and for me; a salutary reminder of my own mortality and that my ‘baby’ is no longer any such thing. He managed to control himself during the ceremony – I didn’t, quite – but we both had a good boo when we got home.

Today, I still feel a bit wobbly, but I’ve a client’s novel to edit and my own WIP to return to. Here’s to me getting a grip and getting on!

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