Do you write everyday and should you?

This is such a good piece – and an important subject for writers – that I’m re-blogging it here in case it captures more readers. If you’re a writer please do read and join in the conversation.

Do you write everyday and should you?.


3 thoughts on “Do you write everyday and should you?

  1. It depends if I have a deadline or not. I do sometimes have spells of doing nothing but barking at people on social media, usually when a story is Not Behaving – and I am also one of those who has day jobs and kids to wrangle. I am not sure it’s necessary to write every day, though. It can lead to churning out very dull work.

  2. Totally agree, Sally Anne. I have weeks and weeks of ‘fallow’ periods. Usually at the end of a very intense period of writing – like a novel which requires momentum. Without these periods away, I’d never ‘fill the well’ to quote Julia ‘Artist’s Way’ Cameron. And we’re always working anyway, whether or not we’ve got fingers to the keyboard. I do agree that it can lead to very dull, repetitive writing too, and like you, I have another part-time job and kids. Oh, and friends and other normal life stuff! X

    • This is me too! Even in the middle of a project, I need to step away sometimes, think about something else creatively, then come back to it hopefully recharged (though it has happened that I’ve come back to it and realized it was not really where I wanted it to go). This usually happens when I start to feel down on my work, that I’m writing crap, or my plot is not consistent, or something, and rather than trash it in a huff, a break seems to work best. I come back after a while and suddenly it doesn’t look so awful, I realize it’s fixable, that it’s worth continuing on, and that’s it, I’m recharged. In the meantimes, though, I’m finding that I’ll spend creative energy on other, short projects. Lately that’s been recent forays into “flash fiction” like short pieces, which aren’t really related to my main W-I-P, but allow me to explore or “practice” themes relevant to the longer piece.

      Plus, I have a full-time “day job,” and family, and social commitments, and all the other usual pressures that we all mostly have. I feel guilty if I don’t write, and yet sometimes I’m just burned out and need to read instead.

      Then there’s the social media time-sink…

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