Mentoring for Novelists – from the inside

Here’s a piece about my mentoring work over at author Bridget Whelan’s place.


I’m delighted to welcome Laura Wilkinson to my blog. She is many things, including a succesful novelist and busy mother. She is also a professional writing mentor. On May 1st I published a post from another Laura – Laura Sleep – who wrote about her experience receiving mentoring. You can read it again HERE. Now we have the chance to see what it is like from the other side of the couch/computer screen.

The Mentor’s Tale

I’ve worked as an editor and mentor to aspiring writers for four years but I have never written on the subject. I’m not sure why. So when Bridget asked if I’d like to pen a piece for her blog about my role, explaining that she was hosting an author who had been through a programme talking about her experience and that a view from the other side might be interesting, I leapt at…

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