Gladstone Library Retreat: Day Three

It’s been a good day, I think. It’s certainly been good, wordage-wise, at *whispers in case it doesn’t last * 2,000 plus. Scratch the whispering, it definitely won’t last and that’s OK.
Today, I took a road well-travelled; a safe option, after the experimentation of yesterday, and though I am not 100% convinced this is the way forward, it’s the right way for now and it’s allowed me to get a sense of the story, the event that sets the story in motion. I’ve written a chapter and a bit in the past tense and I’m getting to know my lead, which is comforting. And a way to blend the present tense section I wrote yesterday into the fabric of the narrative has emerged. It may well form the structure for the book. I’m surprised I didn’t think of this earlier given that I have written a novel which switches between past and present tense. The difference here is that the past and present sections are told from the same view point, that of my protagonist Flo. In Skin Deep there are two viewpoints: Diana and Cal’s.
11811577_10153279356965817_2095380639656622278_nWhat else have I done today? I’ve read a lot. A major character in my WIP is elderly and I’m looking at how other writers portray older people as well as mining my own memories and observations of my grandmothers. I loved Harold Fry and his wife, both of whom are rich, believable characters and Emma Healey’s Elizabeth is Missing is a fantastic read. Here’s the man himself, William Gladstone. Well, a bust of him.
Tomorrow? I’ll aim to finish the chapter I began this afternoon and then review …


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