Gladstone Library Retreat: Day Eight

photo 1

St Deiniol’s Graveyard, Gladstone Estate

10,000 words in and I spent much of the morning reading through and summarising the scenes I have so far, distilling them to their essence – three or four sentences apiece.

Because I have some scenes written in the ‘now’ and some in my protagonist’s past, I then set about trying to work out if there is mileage in interlacing them throughout the narrative. Does one section throw up enough questions to be answered, or partially answered, in another and does that other scene also throw up enough questions which are subsequently answered in the next. And so on. Without questions there is no imperative, on you reader’s behalf, to turn the pages.

And the answer? I think so. Though it’s still too early to say for sure, I’m growing in confidence – this story just might have legs; the characters are interesting (and already surprising me, which I’m also taking as a positive sign) and I’m enjoying writing about them.

Much of this is thanks to the inspirational atmosphere of the library. Not only as a writing space – though it’s perfect for that – but as a space in which (open) minds can be expanded. There is a diverse and fascinating collection of individuals here, all concerned in one way or another with the importance of reflection, of our culture, politics, faiths and ideals. Last night there was a new influx of guests – Hebrew in a Week began this morning and there are more writers and academics too.

And sadly, someone leaves today and I shall miss the conversations, but know that we’ll stay in touch.
I’m in the library now and it is possibly even more magical as the light fades. Bliss.


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