Gladstone Library Retreat: Day Ten

11058666_10153295080275817_3431906838164195866_nThis is the end, the end … and I’m overwhelmed, feeling a tad emotional, sitting in the library before I say goodbye, absorbing the atmosphere.

In summary:
• Inspiring, Creative, Tranquil, Nourishing, Open-minded, Open-hearted.
• The ideas and subsequent words have come – just nudging 13,000; and as ever the story isn’t quite what I thought it might be – a good sign as far as I’m concerned
• I’ve read three smashing novels during my stay: The Island Escape, Blackmoor and Wide Sargasso Sea
• I’ve eaten delicious food, taken some beautiful walks and snapped away like mad on Instagram
• I’ve met some incredible people: authors, journalists, writers, academics, theologians, minsters, interns and other members of the staff team. Special thanks to warden Peter Francis and interns Sophie and Sian and all the cooks and cleaners

11705357_10153295090155817_6347792843615633973_nIT’S BEEN AMAZING


To quote Arnie, ‘I’ll be back.’

5 thoughts on “Gladstone Library Retreat: Day Ten

  1. Carol Lovekin says:

    These events often elicit emotional responses. Writing is a creative, personal activity & only other writers really get it. I’m pleased it’s been so rewarding & hope the book comes on in leaps & bounds.

  2. It sounds like an amazing experience (although why you’d have to ruin it by reading Wide Sargasso Sea…! 😉 ). I’m guessing your opinion of the book was rather different from mine, but I had to study it for my Lit degree and that may not have helped. I thought the idea was compelling but didn’t enjoy the way it was written.

    You’ve completely sold Gladstone to me and I’ve found it hard to drag myself away from the website this morning! Was it hard to return to reality?

    • I agree in many respects about Wide Sargasso Sea – it was sold to me by a couple of others at the library, but not one I’d recommend on, though I didn’t think it was awful! It was hard to return to reality, but I missed my boys dreadfully. It’s the first time I’ve spent more than two nights away from them and my eldest is fifteen. Perhaps I’m pathetic! I enjoyed reading your blog btw. Laura x

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