The Pleasures and Pain of Writing a Series by Georgina Troy

RNA Joan Hessayon shortlisted author, Georgina Troy, talks us through the pleasures and pain of writing a series. As author of The Jersey Scene Series, Georgina is well placed to talk about the challenges and I’m delighted that she agreed to stop by my place. Take it away, Georgina.

A Jersey DreamboatThe Pleasures: Although the books are stand-alone stories, one of my pleasures has to be that I can revisit favourite characters in each of the books. For example, although you’ll meet Luke, Bea and Paige in book one, Paige is also the heroine in book two. Sebastian makes his first appearance in book two where he meets Paige. In book two, Luke and Bea make an appearance, as they do in books three and four. Knowing I haven’t had to leave these favourite characters of mine behind is fun, I love meeting up with them once again through the other books in the series.
Another pleasure has to be the setting of this series. I love Jersey – it’s small, only 9 x 5 miles in size, so it’s good to get away occasionally. But whenever I do get away I’m always reminded how lovely it is back here and am happy to come home, refreshed and able to appreciate with a fresh perspective what a treat it is to live here. Setting my series here means that I can either introduce places that I love in the island, small bays, areas of the quieter parishes, etc, to readers who haven’t visited Jersey, or give others who might be from here and living away, or who’ve come here on holiday, and remind them just how lovely it is.
The Pain: I can’t begin writing a book until I’ve settled on the names of my characters. To be able to envisage them as people they have to have a name that I feel suits them and says something either about their character, or where their parents were emotionally when they named them.
I recently submitted the fourth book in my Jersey Scene series, A Jersey Bombshell, to my editor, happy with the name that I’d given the hero. Then, I was sent the edits for book three, A Jersey Dreamboat – which was published on 9 July – and realized that I’d used the same name for one of the hero’s brothers in book three that I’d given the hero in book four! I decided to keep the brother’s name aware that I’ll now need to find a suitable replacement name for my marine explorer hero in book four. Getting the names right can take me some time and it’s amazing how many times I revert to the same names and have to change them.
To be honest, I can’t think of any other pains. I try not to re-use a setting and for each character I need to come up with a new story, but that’s what writers do and I love that side of creating a book.

About Georgina

Georgina TroyGeorgina Troy believes her love of writing was influenced by Father Christmas giving her a typewriter when she was seven. It probably wasn’t the present she was hoping for at the time, but on reflection, maybe it helped focus her imagination while giving her parents a break from her constant chatter.
She bases her Jersey Scene series on the island where she lives and spends a lot of her time working through plotlines while walking on one of the two beaches near her home. Previously self-published, Georgina was signed by Accent Press in August 2014.
Georgina was a finalist in the Romantic Novelists’ Association Joan Hessayon Award 2015 with her first book in the series, A Jersey Kiss.

Thanks very much for inviting me to your lovely blog, Laura.

So good to have you here. Good luck with the novel!
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