An interview with Laura Wilkinson

Talking to the very lovely Kirsty at The Love of a Good Book!

Today I am pleased to welcome Author Laura Wilkinson to the Love of a Good Book!

Can you describe the Redemption Song in one sentence? Probably not. But here’s an elevator pitch:

What we need most is often what we run from.
A horrific accident leaves two people dead. A grieving young woman hiding from the world … A good man gone bad, eaten up by betrayal…
Broken lives, lies and loss in an enchanting seaside town. Love is what they need most, but will they risk it?

Saffron and Joe are the two main characters of Redemption Song, please can you tell us about them?

Saffron is a young doctor (24) – although she’s not quite qualified because she dropped out of her foundation year after a terrible accident. At the story’s outset she is vulnerable and raw; grieving, lonely, blaming herself, feeling trapped in the small seaside town…

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