Skin Deep by Laura Wilkinson #review @AccentPress @scorpioscribble #20BooksOfSummer

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Skin Deep is a very thoughtful novel looking at whether beauty is just ‘Skin Deep’ or whether what lies beneath is most important. Diana is a former model, pushed into modelling by her mother Bunny. She has never enjoyed being stared at and judged by her good looks and is desperate to be valued for her talent. She is also a talented artist, though this is not valued at all by her mother, and longs to be respected for her art as much as her looks. “See, I am more than a pretty face. Look at me. Look at all of this.”Living in Hulme in Manchester, she is caught up in the student scene of parties, late nights, drink and drugs. At a party, she discovers the son of a drug addicted couple hidden away in a room. Young Cal is only four years old but is kept away…

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