New Release! Venetian Vendetta by Merryn Allingham

It’s a bumper publication day and there are a whole host of new novels that I’ll be adding to my already humungous to-read pile.

Among them is Venetian Vendetta. I read and enjoyed The Dangerous Promise, a prequel to The Tremayne Mysteries series, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a sneak preview of the next book, too… Anyway, here’s the blurb, cover and buy link should you fancy it. Looks like a treat.

A terrible accident—or the murder of someone keeping dangerous secrets?

While watching the opera at La Fenice, Nancy Tremayne is shocked to see a woman fall to her death. But was it really an accident?

Newlywed Nancy is accompanying her husband, Leo, on a work trip to Venice. As she explores Italy’s beautiful city on the water, she finds herself compelled to uncover the mystery of the woman’s death, reluctantly helped by Leo’s assistant, Archie. Together they discover a Venice as sinister as it is beautiful.

Plunging more and more deeply into the city’s secrets, Nancy realises she may be forced to make a choice—the truth or her life?

Buy the novel here.

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