stone #5

glistening flesh

shivering limbs

fresh from the sea

waves slosh on pebbles


stone #4

The ties that bind?

It is my wedding anniversary today. The BigMan and I have been married for fourteen years; we’ve known each other twenty-one. Never ones to rush into things. We were young when we met, and yet, somehow, we’ve stuck the course. So far.

What is it that keeps us together? Love – undoubtedly – though we can hate each other too. The boys  – maybe? Respect  – definitely.  History?  The ability to still make each other laugh? Laziness?

We got hitched after a year apart and when we got back together again we made a pledge: to each be responsible for our own happiness; to not rely on one another for our personal contentment and fulfilment. We married on 4th July. Independence Day.