Budget food 80s style, Part 5: Sussex Swimmers

This recipe is from Yorkshire Television’s Farmhouse Kitchen book of 1982 and one that Mandy might have served up to the pickets and children. I love it because it’s such a quirky-but-perfect name and also because the recipe is credited to a Mrs Ruth Brooke & Mrs Sheila Powell of Hove and Portslade, Sussex, which is where I live now!

Sussex Swimmers

dumplingsThese dumplings used to be served with a good gravy and, like Yorkshire Puddings, before the meat course. The rule was those that ate most puddings could have most meat, a canny way to save meat! They can also be served as a sweet course with golden syrup.

You will need:

100g/4ozs self-raising whole wheat flour

100g/4oz self-raising white flour

100g/4oz shredded suet

¼ teaspoon of salt

7 to 8 tablespoons of milk

Boiling stock or water

To prepare:

Mix dry ingredients and suet

Mix to stiff dough with milk

Take tablespoons of mixture and form into balls

Have ready a saucepan of boiling stock or water in which the dumplings can be submerged

Slip dumplings into pan and boil for 15/20 minutes

Drain well and serve with a good gravy, or golden syrup!