Mini blog tour

To celebrate the launch of the Kindle edition of BloodMining, my editor at  Bridge House (thank you for moving so quickly on Kindle by the way), Gill James, suggested that I organise a blog tour. Now, I confess to knowing very little about blog tours, but I understand that you visit lots of other blogs and talk about whatever it is you do, are interested in and so on.

To this end between now and Christmas *shudders at the use of the C word in November* you won’t find me here very often, but you will find me in a variety of exotic places throughout the web. I set off on Friday, landing at Susan Howe’s blog with a small suitcase. I forgot my toothbrush so I’m back home for a couple days before heading off to Ireland and Katy O’Dowd’s gaff next week.

Pop by occasionally and I’ll let you know where I am – a virtual postcard. And drop by the blogs and comment; they’re beautiful places.

As an aside there’s another lovely review for BloodMining at the Book Club Forum. Thank you, Michelle.