All the Good Things, 2018

2018-06-07 20.51.59New Year’s Day is traditionally a time when I reflect on the past year, and today is no different. 2018 was a difficult year, personally and professionally, and I considered a ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ type post. But, thinking about it, I acknowledged there’s not been anything I can consider truly ugly, and I’ve decided to leave the bad where it belongs – the past – and focus on the good. Here are All the Good Things, 2018:

The consistent love and support from my family – the BigFella, Gingers, and extended families on both sides. Words are not enough.

Love, laughter, tears and friendship from my chosen family – my super-duper, fair weather and foul mates. You know who you are. You’re awesome; the best.

Love, laughter, tears, and support from my writing community (too many to mention personally; you know who you are and I adore you all)

An amazing writing week at Gladstone’s Library – one of my favourite places in the world to think, write and read.

A visit to London Book Fair for the first time.

A fabulous Northwich Literary Festival – such a treat to be invited there. And what a generous audience you were.

Self publishing a novel – The Prosecco Effect. A first.2018-05-03 19.33.20-1

Another trip to the special place that is Tarragona, Spain. And Barcelona for the first time.

A successful Write by the Beach 3 conference – it wasn’t all plain sailing (what is?) but the day itself was wonderful.

Mentoring a handful of dedicated and talented writers. It’s been a privilege.

A shed-load of fabulous books – reading nourishes my soul and I’m consistently awed by the talent out there.

One novel rewritten (and though it’s been rejected I am proud of it and it might yet find a home), another almost ¾ there…

News that Public Battles, Private Wars will be re-launched in early 2019 as Crossing the Line. Thank you, Accent Press.2018-06-23 22.28.59

Taking on CFLA18 and making it a success – while I won’t be running the awards in 2019, I met some gorgeous writers.

Running creative writing workshops for Little Green Pig – you kids blow my mind.

Here’s to 2019 – peace, love, creativity, kindness, joy.

Laura x

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