Little & Often: a tip for writing (& life?) by Colette McCormick

Today’s guest is fellow Headline Accent author Colette McCormick who’s here to talk about her writing regime. Colette’s latest novel An Uncomplicated Man is released on 5th December in paperback and e-book format – go on, treat yourself to a Christmas gift! Welcome, Colette! Smashing to have you.

One of the first things that I was asked after I told people about the book deal that I’d managed to secure was ‘So, are you writing full time now?’ Mmm…no!! I work full time and have to fit the writing in and around that.

Five days a week I leave the house about 7.30am and I get home just after 6pm. Tea is usually around 7pm, the dishes done by 8pm and I usually go to bed about 11.30pm. That leaves a window of approximately three and a half hours for everything else.

I enjoy watching TV as much as the next person so my writing time usually starts about 10pm. That’s the time that my husband used to get ready for work when he worked a permanent night shift and one of the conditions of him taking early retirement two years ago was that he didn’t interfere with my routine.

On days that I’m not at my job with Barnardo’s there is more opportunity for writing and I’ll usually manage to ‘write’ for double the amount of time that I do on work days. I could be editing or researching but it all comes under the umbrella of ‘write.’ Someone asked me recently if I wrote all day on my day off but the truth is that because I work full time, my days off are full of shopping, cleaning and all the other mundane things that need to be done.

So, my writing time is precious and I try to be disciplined about it. That’s easier said than done when you consider how easy it is to spend too much time faffing around on the internet. I find that having a deadline to work to focuses the mind so if I don’t have a deadline set by a publisher, I set one for myself. It would be too easy for me to think “I’ll do it later,” otherwise.

My first book took years to refine and get to the stage where a publisher would take a chance on it so it was a challenge to have to write subsequent books in just twelve months. Another friend, one that writes poetry for pleasure, said that I should tell the publisher that deadlines stifle creativity. Good luck with that one Gwen.

My writing regime is far from ideal and there are times, especially if there is a deadline looming, when I would love more time to do it but I’ve asked myself if I would like to be a full-time writer and I think the answer is no. I enjoy my job and I like the people that I work with. So, for now, I’ll have to make the most of the time that I have.


What if the man in your life isn’t who he says he is?

Daniel Laither is a mild-mannered and uncomplicated bank manager, but when his boss asks him for a favour, things begin to get tangled. Introduced to businessman Arthur Braithwaite, Daniel reluctantly agrees to a financial arrangement that will create an unbreakable link between them.

When Daniel meets Lucy, Braithwaite’s daughter, he becomes a man obsessed. From the steamy afternoons spent together in hotel rooms, to evenings out with Lucy in fancy restaurants, Daniel’s life moves a million miles from the one he’d had.

He finds himself lying to his friends, his colleagues and, most importantly, his wife. He borrows money from a loan shark to afford this double life, but when the debt demands to be paid, he contemplates stealing from the bank. When Lucy falls pregnant and Braithwaite insists upon a marriage, Daniel has to choose between his two lives…

To buy Colette’s books…

Buy An Uncomplicated Man on Amazon

Things I Should Have Said and Done

Ribbons in Her Hair

Not My Brothers Keeper

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Colette McCormick on Books and Life in General

About Colette

Originally a city girl, Colette has made her home in a one of the many former mining villages in County Durham. When not working as a retail manager for a large children’s charity she will more than likely be writing, even if it’s only a shopping list. She also enjoys cooking, gardening and taking the dog on long walks in the countryside near her home. She has been married for almost forty years and has two grown up sons.


16 thoughts on “Little & Often: a tip for writing (& life?) by Colette McCormick

  1. Carol McGrath says:

    It’s a lovely post. Very good luck with this book. I am going over to Amazon to look at your books, Colette. I don’t know how you work and write. Well done indeed.

  2. catrinc says:

    I love Colette’s “Things I should have said and done”, a brilliant thought provoking book everyone should read that has stayed with me since I first opened it. (It’s a book I have returned to time and again, – there aren’t many – and every time I read it I find something new) I adored the “reality” check of ‘Ribbons in Her Hair which captured exactly what the rough and the smooth of life in a working class community can be like when tongues wag. Thank you so much for this interview and “virtual introduction” to Colette. I’m now going to Amazon to buy “An Uncomplicated Man” and “Not My Brothers’ Keeper” (how could I have missed that book). Whatever your day job, you’re a masterful gifted writer, Colette. All power to your keyboard. I look forward to reading many more of your books, Catrin Collier

  3. Reblogged this on Jane Risdon and commented:
    Fellow Headline Accent author Colette McCormick has a new book out 5th December and it would be fab if you took a look. the blurb is terrific and I know you’ll love her writing. congrats and good luck Colette.

  4. Colette McCormick says:

    Can’t tell you all how much I appreciate all of the lovely comments I’ve received today. I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside and a smile on my face.Thanks again Laura for hosting me x

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